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Xbox Live 1200 Microsoft Points


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Product Details

Product will work on all Gamertag accounts in UK & EU.

Our automated system sends your code within 5 Minutes after payment to your email 24/7


-1200 Microsoft Xbox Live Points.

-Email Delivery of Xbox live 1200 points code after payment.

-Will only work on accounts in UK.

-Use this to add £10 to your Xbox balance - to buy games and much more.

-For details on how to use this product click here

Manufacturers Description

Microsoft Points enhance game play and entertainment on Xbox 360. Redeem them on Xbox LIVE Marketplace for exclusive game content, arcade games, themes, HD movies and TV Shows, and more. Microsoft Points can also be used to purchase music in Zune Marketplace.

1200 Microsoft points is freely accessible to anyone with a broadband connection, Xbox LIVE Marketplace is a digital download centre providing free and premium content for games, as well as entertainment content such as movie trailers and music videos. Premium Xbox LIVE Marketplace content will be available for purchase with Microsoft Points. Microsoft Points is a new stored-value system that will let consumers purchase a number of points, and then redeem those points for content online, ranging from gamer pictures and themes to full game downloads on Xbox LIVE Arcade.